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Employee profile: Anna

Sometimes, the most important thing in a career is not how you got started, but how you find yourself along the way. That is what happened to Indriana ‘Anna’ Sofimarwanti when she started as a project officer who manages administration files, but now becoming our prolific Lead Designer with 8 designers under her supervision.

Anna’s main role is to manage the creative team, from conceptualizing the projects to analyzing data, information, facts, assumptions, insights, and other materials to create more effective designs. She ensures that the design team has ideas of how the finished projects will look so they can determine how long they will take to make it.

An organized leader

As a Lead Designer, Anna needs to make sure that her staffs always act fast within an agile workflow which has parallel feedback and revision at the same time. This is not a problem because Anna fully understands the unique skills of each designer she supervises.

She can assign the right people to specific projects so that they will work effectively with minimal supervision. To guarantee the client’s needs are completed on time, she manages the rhythm of work within the members so that the team is able to operate 24/7.

Meanwhile, to make sure they are always on the track, Anna and the team maximize the functionality of the Trello app, which can also be used to calculate the processing time of each project being worked on. They also use online document services so that all team members can access all their needs efficiently and quickly.

Of course, Anna always guides the team to work on the project based on brief and feedback on every detail so they won’t be out of track. She also gave them some insights and ideas if they were stuck, manage the task and time for each member, and also give a friendly reminder which task needs to be done first.

Never stop learning

Even though Anna is now a leader at BERT’s, she never stops learning new things. She also understands that working at BERT’s requires her to deliver a fast result, which means she needs to think about the ideas and solve the problem in the blink of an eye.

“Working at BERT’s also teach me to manage a team, empathize with what my team needs, and how to solve every problem that occurred every day,” she said.

If you think you have projects that suit Anna’s expertise, please reach us here.

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