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Employee profile: Gita

Having various experiences, from knowing many types of people and businesses to handle several projects, there is no doubt for us to appoint Gita as a Project Manager from the very beginning she joined BERT’s. In exchange, she never disappoints the client’s trust thus her partnership with our clients are usually long-term and sustainable.

To get big results, Gita realized that she had to pay attention to small details, such as responding quickly to client needs. Meanwhile to her team, she always instills the “can do” and “work from heart” attitude so that the work can be done quickly and with high quality.

Handling multi-project

Initially, Gita was responsible for handling web and social media development as well as e-commerce, community, and event activation for an FMCG company. But now, she has been able to handle multi-projects with higher complexity from several types of clients, including from beauty clinics and products.

Gita’s scope of work has also become more diverse, including community activation, online store design, manufacturing website, and upcoming another website strategy. However, for her, this is not a problem because she has proven skills in project management, communication, and negotiation with clients.

Eagle eyes

As a Project Manager, Gita always positions herself to be able to see from all sides. She doesn’t want to just be a messenger between the client and the team because she wants to imply a standard of work that she brings to both of them.

With this approach, she was able to conquer the biggest challenge she felt while working at BERT’s, which is managing young people with ambitious, hardworking, and always passionate characteristics. She is proven to be a mentor who can maximize the abilities of her juniors so that they could bring out the best in them for the company and, of course, the clients.

“Working at BERT’s helped me exploring the world of marketing and communications. I am also happy here because I can learn from the enthusiasm of young people as well as share my experiences with them so we can grow together in this fast paced environment,” she said.

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