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Employee profile: Aras

Working in difficult-to-predict situations will force you to become adaptable and think outside the box. At least, that’s how Ladayna Nurul Arasyi, or simply Aras, feels when working on dynamic and challenging projects that come to BERT’s.

Since joining BERT’s, Aras has handled 2 jobs at once, which are HR recruitment and Project Officer for one of our clients. Yes, it was a difficult task, but Aras proved that she could perform a stupendous job and managed to balance the workflow so that both jobs get done equally well.

Consistent and resilient

Regarding the achievements she has proven, we do not hesitate to appoint Aras to be a Community Activation Leader in just 2 months after joining BERT’s. Now, Aras is in charge of 3-4 teams to handle client projects in the FMCG field, especially digital activation.

Aras and the team then managed to achieve the client KPI one month faster than the specified timeline. They are able to acquire no less than 24000 data, 700 more than the total target of 23300 data acquisition requested by the client.

According to Aras, one of the things that can make her and the team successful is consistency and resilience towards the projects. Apart from that, her strong leadership also played a significant portion in ensuring that KPIs were delivered on time, even before the deadline.

Break the limit

Personally, Aras has indeed shown herself to have good resilience, communication, negotiation, and time management skills. We are also very aware of her potential. Therefore, BERT’s tries to give more space to Aras to continue to explore her existing competencies by providing several experiences through projects that she has to conquer in the future.

“Working at BERT’S breaks our limit. We can prove that we are actually more than we expect,” she said.

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