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Employee profile: Marsya

Being the youngest employee in a company is usually synonymous with doing trivial and insignificant work. However, when the youngs work at BERT’s, they will actually get a series of challenges that will hone their skills and toughness, just like what we did with Marsya.

Working under the supervision of Salma in the Digital Marketing division, Marsya started her job by fulfilling community needs data for one of BERT’s projects for the FMCG client. Her task was to acquire consumer data which was done manually by SPG before the Pandemic.

This is a new and challenging strategy for the team because it has never been done before. However, Marsya proved herself capable by collecting no less than 700 data in a short time.

The faster, the better

Collecting data does not appear to be something that can hamper the fast speed of the Marsya’s engine because she is always able to meet our targets, no matter how many. After that achievement, we again challenged her to complete 1.000 data, which she overcome without many difficulties.

At one point, Marsya and the team were even able to collect more than 11,000 community member data in one month, with the highest achievement being 3,000 data in one week. This is an achievement that we are very proud of because she managed to complete the task faster than the timeline we set.

Always challenge herself

The key to Marsya’s success in conquering every task given to her is the willingness to always challenge herself. She feels like it is very important to learn from seniors at BERT’s by proactively asking and take advice with a positive attitude.

At BERT’s, Marsya comfortably managed to polish her critical thinking and communication skill. “I feel happy here and I believe that other high-performing talents would feel the same when joining this family,” she said.

If you need Marsya’s engine to fuel up your project, please contact us here.

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