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3 Signs Your Business Needs Community Marketing

You have poured a lot of money on Instagram Ads, but the brand awareness of your product has not increased significantly? Or is your social media followers & engagement level stuck? If so, it is time that your business needs Community Marketing.

Community Marketing is a marketing strategy that emphasizes engaging an audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect and customer conversation via communities. While general marketing strategies mainly focus on attaining customers, Community Marketing focuses on maintaining existing customers, but they can attract some new customers too.

So, pay attention to the following 3 things that indicate your business must be scaled up through Community Marketing!

1. Your social media account is lacking engagement

If your social media engagement is stalled, or even declined, for a couple of months for no specific reason, then it’s time to consider doing Community Marketing. This is what BERT’s do when we help an international agribusiness company’s social media account to gain more than 35K engagement in April 2021.

To achieve this, we reach 13 communities to follow, like, and comment on the posts on their social media. Community Marketing that we run also benefits them with almost 16K new followers as well as 298.905 impressions and 347,839 reach in April 2021 alone.

2. You don’t see desired results from a channel

Using Community Marketing is much better than blasting your ads everywhere because you are most likely to reach your target market. If you are not sure what communities you should approach, you can discuss with us so we can identify your need and find the suitable solutions for you.

3. You’re not up to date with evolving consumer behaviors

With Community Marketing, you can also get feedback and reviews straight from your consumers. Reviews are one of the best sources of advertising a business can get because positive reviews greatly impact ROI. People who have a great experience with a product are also not hesitant to tell others about it, so you will get word of mouth marketing too at the same time.

BERT’s can help you leverage the power of community

We guarantee your KPIs with high-speed delivery because we have a 24/7 creative team to achieve your target on time.

We also have an agency-owned community that has more than 20K followers on Instagram, consisting of 1,200 mothers spread across Indonesia, mostly residences in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Medan. And of course, we are also affiliated with many communities from various categories, such as Mom, Youth, and Beauty to help you achieve your KPIs.

Scale-up your business now with BERT’s Community Marketing Activations. To find communities that match your product, let’s discuss by clicking here.

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