The Profound Role of Digital Recruitment in Today’s Talent Game

The Profound Role of Digital Recruitment in Today’s Talent Game

As the fuel that keeps the wheels of business rolling, Recruitment is often seen as time-consuming and complicated. This goes both ways; for the employers and for job seekers too. With easier procedures and the ability to reach a wider talent pool, Digital Recruitment is the sister of Digital Marketing that we need to familiarize ourselves with.

Beyond just attracting new talents, the Talent War era has forced businesses to have their own candidate pipelines. There are many ways you can do to orderly have potential candidates in hand for whenever you need them. The most proactive and fitting for today’s climate would be digitally, by creating a distinguish Employer Brand.

Just like how we assisted Mayapada Bank in their search of new talents. As they were preparing to open a Corporate University under their name, a challenge rose in recruiting Lecturers and Deans massively and quickly. Bert’s chipped in by digitizing part of their recruitment process, utilizing the digital space by creating attractive job posting designs suitable for digital platforms.

At Bert’s, we turn the values that you want in a candidate into EVPs and key messages. We then deliver those values through a series of digital assets. With digitally-posted visual designs, copy materials, videos, and more, we also make it possible for you to track the growth of your Employer Brand.

Think your business could use a revamp in its Recruitment process? Learn more about what we can do here.

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