The Critical Intersection between Employer Branding and E-Learning

The Critical Intersection between Employer Branding and E-Learning

Desirable traits that a company exudes as a workplace differ for every industry. For startups, company attractiveness often revolves around culture, sense of belonging, and work-life balance. For more established companies, the focus might be on growth opportunities, reputation, and ethics.

The company, employees, and management need to agree on what should be the company’s main traits as a workplace. The next step will determine the company’s scale of attractiveness: communicating these traits effectively to both the internal and external audiences.

One of the most effective tools of learning is known to be through videos. This is no exception for employees learning more about their company’s values, or for job seekers wanting to explore more about a company as a workplace.

A marriage of Employer Branding and E-Learning was then born through a video we conceptualized for BTPN. We served the traits that make BTPN a desirable workplace on a refreshing concept of fast-paced delivery.

This live-action-meets-animated video presents the values that make BTPN a workplace of choice. It shows a desirable journey that outsiders looking in would want to be a part of. As for their employees, it raises awareness on the benefits they could collect from being a part of BTPN. At Bert’s, we uphold the use of technology in learning processes. Worry not, as you can learn more about how our E-Learning services #EnableYourBusiness here.

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