How to Invest in the Right Employer Brand

How to Invest in the Right Employer Brand

As we’re entering a new decade, new market opportunities are emerging across Industries. Companies are pulling all the tricks they have up their sleeves to make sure they secure the best talents. One of the holy grail companies swear by in tackling the fierce Talent War is through Employer Branding. It is definitely not cheap to build a strong Employer Brand that generates significant results, so why do businesses still bother?

Research as recent as 2019 says that companies with a strong Employer Brand sees a decrease in their cost-per-hire rate as high as 43%. This is specifically productive for startups operating on limited funds. is no exception. As they were about to launch their mobile apps, they ought to look for more quality talents. We conducted digital activations across their social media platforms to create organic buzz, increasing both their product and employer brand awareness.

When deciding on what your Employer Brand should be, Image, Identity, and Vision are the three main pieces of the puzzle. You need to take into account what your target audience sees as important attributes of a workplace. Not only that, you have to make sure those attributes align with the core identity that your company represents. Add into the mix the Top Management’s aspirations of where the company is heading as an employer, then you will have a relevant Employer Brand for your company. With that, you can engage new talents and retain HiPos (High Potential Employees) without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

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