Hashtags, The Trending Online Brand Activation Aid

Hashtags, The Trending Online Brand Activation Aid

As brands are adjusting to the disruptive era of digitalization, new marketing mixes are being implemented to create top-of-mind products. The focus of brand activation strategies has shifted from conventional on-ground events to high-exposure online activation campaigns.

You probably see an abundance of hashtags across social media platforms every day. This is the outcome of brands finding hashtags to be the MVP (most valuable player) of brand activation.

Among many tools that support the success of a brand activation program, hashtags are a gem that will take your brand places. They tick all the boxes for an effective online activation: quantifiable, cross-channel friendly, and builds a lasting connection.

This is why at Bert’s, we like to introduce the widespread use of hashtags to leverage brands’ online activations. With the help of engaged online communities across different social media platforms, we create buzz and kickstart an on-going conversation that invites your target audience to partake.

The measurable nature of hashtags also helps to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of an online brand activation. From fully-online brand activations to a mix of online and offline activation efforts, we tailor the most suitable strategy that helps your brand to achieve TOMA (top-of-mind awareness).

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