Employer Branding for A Wider Audience: More Platforms or More Contents?

Employer Branding for A Wider Audience: More Platforms or More Contents?

Choosing the right channel is key to effectively convey an employer brand. When you know your target audience is active on a certain platform, that’s where you should put your focus in drilling your values.

Increasing awareness of potential candidates does not always equal to expanding to other platforms. It is more productive to utilize the platform you’re already thriving on to enhance your employer branding process.

Social media platforms, as we know, depend a lot on engagement. Your employer brand needs to be stronger than the existing algorithm in order to be noticed by your target audience. Diversifying the ways to deliver your message and values is how you can reach a bigger pool of candidates.

The content you share holds a higher value when you incorporate different streams of content such as employee experience, industry news, and job search resources. This will create relatability, not only to job seekers but also those looking for future job references.

This is exactly how we decided to elevate Kopi Kenangan’s employer branding process. Bert’s has taken part in helping them transform from a regular coffee chain into a tech-based company. We create social media contents that align with their product brand of fun and youthful, while also catering to the new target audience of tech talents.

We do this by providing different streams of content on their employment-focused Instagram account. Job openings are posted in between testimonials from all levels of employees. This allows their IT and non-IT target audience to picture what a career with the tech-enabled coffee chain would be like for them.

Through the sharing of knowledge such as how to ace a walk-in-interview, we insert added value to their platform. This will generate more engagements among potential candidates and help you stay on top of their feeds. Eventually upping their intent to get on board with the company.

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