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How Community Marketing is Now The Driving Force Behind Brand Advocacy

These days people are not interested in being advertised. They prefer to get unbiased recommendations from people who are in their circles than direct messaging from a brand. Additionally, a 2015 research by Nielsen found that 66% of people trust the opinions of consumers they found online. Therefore, working with consumers and turning them into brand advocates is an effective and inexpensive strategy to promote your brand.

To build the brand advocates for your brand, you can always rely on the power of community marketing. During this pandemic, BERT’s had successfully collaborated with 5 beauty communities to be the brand advocates for a skincare brand. Here’s what we found: 

It’s very effective to increase product awareness, interest, and consideration

Brand advocates bring in new leads and serve as a great reference for your brand. For example, in just 4 months, our project has resulted in several KPI achievements, including 4mil impressions and 400k engagement in only 4 months on instagram.

Brand advocates will educate target market for product knowledge

Honest, personal review by community members lead to organic conversation on community member’s and brand’s pages, creating a stronger brand awareness.  

In the end, this drive traffic to e-commerce/brand website

There was a >50% increase in traffic to e-commerce with CPE < Rp1000, making new opportunities to generate qualified leads and to grow their business.

Are you curious to know more about how to harness the power of brand advocates? Talk to our team here.

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