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Employee Profile : Salma Nadiya Putri

Having no marketing-related background does not equal failure when you are appointed as a project manager. That’s what Salma proved when she brings no less than 50K audiences for the client’s digital activation session, thus becoming one of the most high-performing project managers at BERT’s.

Shining since the first project

That achievement didn’t come accidentally as Salma already proved that she is a hard worker since we gave her the first project. She helped her client to achieve LinkedIn Employer Brand Best in Class 2019 award and successfully brought 5k followers to the client’s Instagram account during the first month.

Not long after that, Salma was assigned to be a Project Leader for Marketing Projects. Her proven track-record at BERT’s opens many opportunities for her to handle more clients and more complex projects.

The right person with the right attitude

if you need a detail-oriented project manager, Salma is the right person to choose. She has the proactiveness, agility, and multi-tasking skill to perform as an effective project manager.

“For me, working at BERT’s was a challenging, yet fulfilling journey. BERT’s is the best place for you who wants to challenge and to develop the best version of yourself,” she said.

Right now, Salma is pursuing a Master Degree at the University of Indonesia, majoring Communication Management. She writes a thesis about the hyper-personalized marketing message in an FMCG company which is also one of BERT’s clients.

If you think you have a project that needs Salma’s expertise, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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