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Employee profile: Michelle

As someone who is ambitious and likes to challenge yourself with high targets, choosing the right working environment is essential to keep the spirit alive. That’s why Michelle chose BERT’s as her place to develop her skills as well as a provision for her future.

Michelle joins BERT’s as a business development officer. Her first job was to create a business development tool that is currently used on a daily basis by the business development team.

Hard work and persistence

Thanks to her hard work and persistence, Michelle has successfully acquired more than 400 data of potential clients for BERT’s in less than 1 week. The tools that Michelle created make it easier for BERT’s business development team in the sales funneling process.

At the same time, Michelle is also responsible for setting up marketing collaterals for potential BERT’s clients and for community sourcing in our project for the FCMG client. She also plays a role in helping the employer branding team to develop a partnership program that will be offered to our potential partners.

Always on the move

Michelle admitted herself that the fast work environment at BERT’s makes her able to think ahead creatively and strategically, thanks to the dynamic and supportive people in the team.

“You have to be always on the move,” she explains about a philosophy that she learned from BERT’s.

If you want Michelle to help with your projects, please contact us here.

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