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How Digital Marketing Serves Today’s World Better than Its Successors

Before the wave of modern technologies hit, business owners were accustomed to traditional marketing methods. As consumer needs started to shift, strategies started developing to cater to the newly-developed behaviors. It is now the norm to put your business online if you’re looking for sustainable growth. An engaging product is now highly associated with a […]

The Concise and Budget-Friendly Training Method for Your Passionate Employees

Companies have been known to put training programs in place as an effort to avoid stagnancy and increase productivity. Through training, employees are able to enhance their skills and even equip themselves with a newly learned expertise. Still, employees seem to dread training as they find it boring and, in some cases, unnecessary. Conventional training […]

Employer Branding for A Wider Audience: More Platforms or More Contents?

Choosing the right channel is key to effectively convey an employer brand. When you know your target audience is active on a certain platform, that’s where you should put your focus in drilling your values. Increasing awareness of potential candidates does not always equal to expanding to other platforms. It is more productive to utilize […]

The Critical Intersection between Employer Branding and E-Learning

Desirable traits that a company exudes as a workplace differ for every industry. For startups, company attractiveness often revolves around culture, sense of belonging, and work-life balance. For more established companies, the focus might be on growth opportunities, reputation, and ethics. The company, employees, and management need to agree on what should be the company’s […]

The Key to Balance External and Internal Operations for Maximum Success

For up-and-coming startup companies, resources are commonly allocated on engaging as many partners and new businesses as possible. The goal occupying the top of their to-do lists is usually how to make a name for themselves–and a good one at that. While putting their focus on external operations, it is still as fundamental to make […]

How We Exceed Expectations of New Recruits in Multinational Insurance Company

The key component to any company is the employees. That’s why recruitment is the most important process. For a leading multinational insurance company, our client’s got a pretty high expectations to exceed when it comes to recruiting new employees. We then provide this client with candidate pipelining method. Our team worked closely with the client’s […]

How We Help Brand Penetration Of A Consumer Goods With Community Marketing Solution

This time, we helped our client to drive brand advocacy and create buzz among its potential customers. Previously, the only interaction they had with communities were by conducting workshop and factory visit. That being the case, their oral care products doesn’t get the optimum market penetration.  Our team had noticed that consumers were becoming increasingly […]

How We Help Bring Overall Customer Journey of an FMCG Product into Digital Platform

One of our clients wanted to reach a wider audience and ultimately boost their sales. The problem was, as a local FMCG company, they had a small presence in digital marketing and labeled as pricey. The challenge was to simplify their brand message and to turn the brand awareness into digital sales.     Our first step […]