Are High Quality Tech Talents Really That Rare?

Are High Quality Tech Talents Really That Rare?

When we look at the Data, it is clear that tech talents in Indonesia are still at a premium. Out of a million Indonesians, only 278 become engineers each year. For a country with 5 unicorns, that number does seem unfortunate.

Scarce, though, does not equal null. If startups are still continuing to up their values, then the tech talents your company yearns for are surely out there; you just need to look at the right places.

There are countless tech job boards across the internet. Thousands of tech professionals access these sites to set their next career moves. Of course, only a handful will match with the experience and specific skill set needed to thrive in your company.

Manually sourcing top tech candidates takes up a lot of resources. That’s why at Bert’s, we have made it a convenience for you to connect with the right tech talents. With our extensive database of quality tech talents, we enable you to execute digital transformations smoothly.

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