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• Fulltime

Inside BERT’s

Great People Make a Great Product. Let's Hear it From Our Team!

Salma, Project Manager

"Bert's is the best place for you who wants to challenge and to develop the best version of yourself"

- Salma, Project Manager
Michelle, Business Development Officer

"BERT’s makes you think ahead creatively and strategically, thanks to the dynamic and supportive people in the team"

- Michelle, Business Development Officer
Nada, Operational Lead

"BERT’s is suitable for you who wants a rapid self-development and seeks challenges you never imagine you will face and overcome. This place is for you who intends to go extra miles""

- Nada, Operational Lead
Anna - Lead Designer & Design Manager

"Working at BERT's also teach me to manage a team, empathize with what my team needs, and how to solve every problem that occurred every day"

- Anna - Lead Designer & Design Manager
Marsya, Project Officer

"I feel happy here and I believe that other high-performing talents would feel the same when joining this family"

- Marsya, Project Officer
Gita - Project Manager

"Working at Bert's helped me exploring the world of marketing and communications. I am also happy here because i can learn from the enthusiasm of young people as well as share my experiences with them so we can grow together in this fast paced environment"

- Gita - Project Manager
Aras, Community Activation Leader

"Working at BERT'S Breaks our limit. We can prove that we are actually more than we expect."

- Aras, Community Activation Leader
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